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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More Health News on Newswise Health Marketplace

More than a year in the making, the U.S. Congress and President Obama have completed their reforms to the health insurance system.  It has been extremely interesting to watch the developing debate - sorting out fact from fiction, and reading copious expert analysis in the Newswise Health Care Channel

The heightened interest in health care has lead reporters to seek more sources for health news than ever before. Granted, a lot of that is focused on the politics, but as more people are talking about health care, more people are looking for health news. 

And, studies have shown that more and more consumers use the web to research health information.  Trends suggest that web users are finding relevant info on the internet to inform and educate their health decisions. 

All of this growing demand for health news - both in terms of media coverage and all the way down to each individual consumer of health care - has an increasing influence on the health industry. In response to these trends, Newswise has developed a new category for medical news called Health Marketplace.

The new Health Marketplace section provides Newswise users with a resource for medical product innovation, news about developments in the health care industry, and consumer-focused information. Journalists can use the Health Marketplace section to find leads for their health news reporting, and consumers will find information about new developments in the technology and delivery of health care to inform their own health decisions. Health Marketplace will also include product announcements, clinical trial news, health experts, and announcements regarding meetings, conferences, grants, and funding.

To learn how to participate in the launch of Health Marketplace, see this one-pager on submission and eligibility requirements.

This new category is a significant expansion of Newswise services in medical and health news distribution. Newswise has been delivering high-quality news, including research results, feature pitches, trends and experts since its inception in 1991. Current opt-in subscribers are now more than 20,000 strong, and all major media outlets are represented. Health Marketplace will now add a new level of granularity to the organization of Newswise content.

“The opportunity for journalists to receive a single daily email with health care and medical news, and select and focus on those stories of most value to their constituents, is greatly appreciated,” says Roger Johnson, PhD scientist, former science writer, and founder of Newswise. “Journalists at a wide variety of media outlets, from broadcast, print, and the web use Newswise source material for their coverage.”
Recognizing the challenge of reaching reporters in the current dynamic media environment, Newswise has also invested heavily in social media, and is expanding its reputation as a reliable news source through developments like the addition of the Health Marketplace section.

Where to find Health Marketplace News
Consumers, reporters, and knowledge-seekers have access to extensive news resources on in the Medical, Science, Business, and Life News sections. Users will find Health Marketplace stories on the home page, the Medical News page, and as its own unique Health Marketplace section. All news releases appear in multiple locations on by category and topic, and they are permanently archived for access through our search engine.

About Newswise
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