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Monday, June 7, 2010

The Blog is Moving

Heads up Newswise Blog readers! This blog will soon be moving to its new home on the Newswise site, at

We will leave this Blogspot blog up and accessible as an archive of our previous posts, but all new posts will go up on the site.

Three for the Price of One
The Newswise blog is going to be divided up into three categories, by topic. The Hot News blog will feature the best stories on Newswise and items about breaking news events around the world.  New @ Newswise will include updates about Newswise services, as well discussions and tips about media relations strategies.  And finally, the PRwise blog will focus on discussions for the media relations and public relations community, especially about press releases and the new media role in PR. 

Head on over to the Newswise blogs and let us know what you think!  Thanks for reading Newswise, and see you over on the new blog!

~Thom and all of the Newswise team

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